This is a question that I’ve recently started asking myself & plan to do every day. Do I want to go about my day winning at life, or do I want to lose at it?

Now I can understand that to some, this question may seem very strange or narrow-minded. Maybe even plain stupid to ask. How can you win or lose at life? It’s not that simple! 

To those people, I say you’re wrong!

Although each of us has our own definition of “winning” or “losing”, the general idea is the same: You win at life when you get to live the life you want & you lose at life when you don’t get to live the life you want.

Sadly, most of us have been conditioned from a young age in what I’d like to call the loser mentality. We are taught that life isn’t fair & you can’t get what you want. We are taught that you need to go to school, get good grades, get a job, start a family & follow the same path as everyone else – even though many of the people who follow that path are miserable & unfulfilled! We are taught that being an adults sucks because the weight of your responsibilities will limit or erase your ability to enjoy the next 40, 50 or 60 plus years of your life.

Is that really how we should be living, though?

Absolutely not! What’s the point of being alive if you don’t get to live? If you don’t get to fully experience what life has to offer every single day? Why stay on this Earth if you can’t be fulfilled & happy? 

This simple question “Winner or Loser?” strikes a cord with me, as I imagine it will for many people, because nobody wants to be a loser. We would all rather be winners! 

If someone came up to me right now & called me a loser, I’d be pretty pissed off! I’m sure you would be, too. For me, I use that same sense of anger & emotion when asking myself “Do I want to be a winner today, or do I want to be a loser?” 

Of course I don’t want to be a loser! But if I makes choices that don’t benefit me or help me achieve my goals, than I will be. By asking this simple question, I am conditioning myself into a winner mentality. A mentality where I not only want to win & achieve what I want, but refuse to accept the alternative of losing. I know that I may not be where I want to be in life, but making a daily effort to strive for success is a key component in living the life I want. 

The world is yours! Break from the norm & start thinking like a winner so you can be one. 

Are you a winner or a loser? Which mentality do you embrace? Was this article helpful? Comment below & let me know what you think!

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